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Welcome to;
Healthy Mind Hypnosis Centre

Quality Learning Hub


As part of our outreach, Healthy Mind Hypnosis Centre goes beyond mental health and well-being; 
We collaborate with organisations and parents, in support of children with special needs and learning disabilities.

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Quality Learning Hub
83838349 -/- 90991759
A MOE Registered and PA Approved training provider, for Tutorial and Enrichment classes, aiding students to achieve competency-based learning of attitude, skills and knowledge that they develop and apply for successful learning, living and working.

“Nurturing young minds through Innovative and Creative teaching”

There is always a growing pressure on students to perform, whether in Primary / Secondary school or in University.

We at Quality Learning Hub, fully understand students & parents concerns / challenges and are here to create a healthy learning environment with guidance and motivation so that NO student is left behind.

QLH takes pride in partnering with parents in the care and development of their children, treating them as unique individuals to be nurtured, protected and respected at all times regardless of their proficiency, ethnicity, race or nationality.


QLH was formed in the year 2002, in view of impelling students to achieve academic progression,

by stimulating and unravelling their Multiple Intelligence.

QLH’s mission is to enrich Children and Adult learners with a motivating and positive learning context, providing the opportunity to foster personal growth and self-confidence.

QLH’s vision is to be an effective and holistic Educational hub that delivers solid academic performance and for its contribution to actively guiding students to attain their optimal potential.


QLH’s Objective is to groom each and every student - regardless of their proficiency level, to be a more rounded and better-educated individual, by identifying and accommodating to their specific needs and weaknesses.

Quality Learning Hub stands by our Motto;

“Nurturing Young Minds through Innovation and Creative Teaching”

And by our Philosophy of;

“Teaching students the way they learn, if they can’t learn the way we teach”

Quality Learning Hub is affiliated with Healthy Mind Hypnosis Centre to provide for Holistic development in Children and Adults. Thus enhancing the Physical, Emotional and Psychological well-being, instilling curiosity to better comprehend the knowledge they absorb, with better communication and social skills.

We believe that a well-rounded education encompasses not only academic achievements but also emotional well-being and personal growth.

We are committed to offering a comprehensive support system that ensures our students thrive academically and emotionally.

Feel free to Call / Whatsapp us, Edmund or Grace at; 83838349 or 90991759 for enquiries...

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Healthy Mind Hypnosis Centre
83838349 -/- 90991759

Accredited training provider by the International Association of Therapists

Developing Healthy Minds

HMHC goes beyond mental health and well-being. 
We collaborate with organisations and parents, in support of children with special needs and learning disabilities.

At Healthy Mind Hypnosis Centre, we give a 100% and are committed to every client we take on.

It’s our firm belief that a good challenge is a great way to develop and improve, which is why we make it a point of seeking out challenges in the professional realm as well as in our personal lives.



We aid anyone in need, and are committed and dedicated to providing a beacon - a guiding light in dark and trying times. We see more couples, adults and children being affected mentally, emotionally and physically. Most suffer in silence draining them out and we dread to imagine what could go wrong.

How does a Healthy Mind aid in a Child's education?

Having healthy minds, enable children to form positive relationships and deal with life's challenges positively and fearlessly.


Developing healthy minds in children helps them reach their full potential and enables them to enjoy and appreciate other people, day-to-day life and the environment. A key component to helping children develop a healthy mind is teaching them self-awareness and empathy apart from academic values.

We, Edmund and Grace, are just a Call / Whatsapp away at; 83838349 or 90991759 for a Free Consultation / Conversation...

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HMHC conducts workshops and seminars on Psychology, Holistic Well-being, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Mental/Emotional/Psychological/Behavioural Management for a wide range of benefits to participants and the broader community.

1. Increased Self-Awareness

2. Improved Mental Health

3. Enhanced Communication Skills

4. Stress Reduction and Resilience

5. Personal Empowerment

6. Improved Interpersonal Relationships

7. Workplace Benefits

8. Lifelong Learning

9. Positive Behavior Change

10. Empowering Leadership

11. Stress Management in Academics

12. Community Impact

13. Holistic Approach to Health

14. Resolving Emotional Blockages

Our workshops and seminars provide invaluable tools and knowledge to participants, enabling them to lead more fulfilling, balanced, and empowered lives. These workshops contribute positively to both individual well-being, their organisation and the overall health of the community.

Partnering with you in your Holistic Well-being...

We are thrilled to invite you to evaluate our services to identify what best suits your needs...

We, Edmund and Grace, are just a Call / Whatsapp away at; 83838349 or 90991759 for a Free Consultation / Help...


Therapeutic practices

Your Path to a brighter future with guidance from Certified / Experienced therapists and practitioners.

Mental health is not a destination, but a process. It is up to YOU today to start making healthy choices.

As Certified Hypnotherapist / Psychotherapist, we have been conducting therapeutic sessions for students, youth and adults aiding them with relationship issues, managing mental health conditions, modifying undesired behaviours and facilitating positive changes in their lives.


As practitioners of; Mental Health, Strategic Life Coaching, Art Therapy, Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, we incorporate a combination of approaches and techniques in facilitating our intervention and therapeutic processes, producing effectual outcomes.


As an Accredited training provider by the International Association of Therapists, we conduct;

  • Seminars and Workshops for groups / organizations 

  • Certificated courses  

  • Accredited Diploma programs

  • Workshops in schools / educational centres

At Healthy Mind Hypnosis Centre, we utilise more than one technique in resolving issues.

  • Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy

  • 7th Path Self-Hypnosis

  • 5-Path Hypnotherapy

  • Psychotherapy / Art Therapy

  • Mindfulness therapy

  • Encompassing aspects of Psychological Health

  • Strategic Life Coaching

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Solution-Focused Therapy

  • Dialectical behaviour therapy

  • Reiki Energy Healing

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming

There isn't a one-size fit all Therapeutic process.

Each issue is treated uniquely and the Intervention process is tailored to the individual's issue. 

Hypnosis is used to treat the following disorders (to name a few);

•  Anxiety / Fear / Phobias / Pain Management / Relationship issues

•  Sleep & Eating disorders / Depression / Stress / Loneliness / Personal Development

•  Self-esteem issues / Confidence / Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

•  Grief & Loss / Sadness / Anger / Smoking & Addiction / Weight loss

•  Behavioural & Emotional disorders in children and MORE…

We abide by and work within the moral philosophical framework of upholding; Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Ethics, as set out by the Associations, that we are members of in Good Standing;

  • Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore.

  • Association of Christian Counsellors Singapore.

  • International Association of Hypnosis Professionals.

  • National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.

  • International Association of Therapists.

We, Edmund and Grace, are just a Call / Whatsapp away at; 83838349 or 90991759 for a Free Consultation / Conversation...

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Classes at Quality Learning Hub

A Comprehensive Approach to Educating young Minds

QLH specializes in conducting the following classes, Online and Classroom-based;

>  Phonics & Speech Reading with Mathematics for Nursery, K1 and K2

>  Creative Writing for Primary 1 to Primary 6

>  Primary / Secondary Tuition for Normal/Express streams, based on MOE syllabus / framework

>  Enrichment classes for Nursery, K1, K2 till Primary 6

>  Playgroup with Music and Movement

>  Speech and Creative Drama

>  Recreational Gymnastics for Children aged 4 to 8 years old

>  Conversational English for Adults > Basic > Intermediate > Advanced

>  Softskills and Holiday programmes

QLH - Tutorial and Enrichment programmes for all Subjects/Levels (Primary 1 to Secondary 4/5), are designed to guide and prepare students to cope with the increasing level of difficulty. We are focused on encouraging, guiding, monitoring and motivating students to learn individually and as a class to achieve desirable results and better cope with their challenging environment.

It is a great way for students to interact and generate ideas with their peers in our positive and motivating learning environment. This provides an avenue to improve their social skills, problem-solving skills, learning new techniques and reflecting on ideas in a small group environment. As part of our teaching pedagogy, we have placed much emphasis on Assessment and Feedback.


           Feedback – As prompt feedback is an important aspect of effective learning, our teachers are proactive in conveying to our learners verbally and in writing clear comments after marking their assignments. Our teachers are encouraged to highlight the positives and provide constructive feedback for further improvement.


           As for students requiring improvement, we provide specific comments encouraging and motivating them to improve in their weaker areas. For the underachievers, besides giving face-to-face feedback in private, we also provide feedback and discuss with their parents to find out the reasons for the drop in their marks.


Feedback given in this manner is used as a benchmark for future teaching. This gives students a specific indication of their progress thus far.


Hence, we totally adopt the assertion by Dr. John D Bransford, that; "In order for learners to gain insight into their learning and their understanding, frequent feedback is critical: teachers need to monitor learners learning and actively evaluate their strategies and their current levels of understanding."

Our teachers strive to ensure that NO students are left behind in their learning journey.

Over the years, we have identified and adopted our Teaching-Learning Approach which has proven to be successful and is a teaching method which is; 

Workable – Realistic – Achievable and in accordance with MOE syllabus and framework.


Our qualified and experienced teachers are there to identify, inspire and allow the child to exhibit spontaneity and plan their thinking strategies more effectively on their feet.

Feel free to Call / Whatsapp us, Edmund or Grace at; 83838349 or 90991759 for enquiries...

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From our Parents / Students themselves...

Our Students and their Parents are our number one priority and our services / testimonials prove just how committed we are to their success.
We take pleasure in arranging for an introductory meeting to learn more about your needs and how we can be of service to you.


Students achievements

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Kelvin Koh

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Ahmad Rifqy


Eva Jewel Clarence

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Darren Lee

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Brandon Kang

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Eva Jewel - Edusave Character Award


Students achievements

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More Achievers

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Creative Writing Competition

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Clients' Reviews on Healthy Mind Hypnosis Centre

I needed help with improving in my netball sport performance…

Oh thanks to Mr. Edmund, I have improved in my focus and attitude towards my favourite Netball sport tremendously, having attended 3 hypnosis sessions. Prior to each competition, I would take time off to listen to the recordings from our hypnosis sessions. This has helped me improve in my focus. I am now able to ignore any distractions. Previously, I used to easily give up when I do not meet my coach’s expectation.

Now with my new mindset of positive thinking and focus, I am certain that I will achieve my goal of applying for a sport athletic scholarship!

With appreciation, Sheila Marie {Student of Singapore Sport School}

Sheila Marie

Testimonials on workshops

Feel free to contact;
Healthy Mind Hypnosis Centre
Quality Learning Hub

for us to help you resolve the challenges / issues you are dealing with...

Contact Edmund or Grace today...
Call / Whatsapp: 
83838349  -/-  90991759 for a free consultation.


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